Mainstage Mondays: New Top 40 Preset Pack

I just released another preset pack! So many of you wanted me to create some patches for popular tunes, that I decided to release a pack of my favorite top 40 hits from the last year.

While my main focus is still creating worship presets, I just thought I'd mix it up with this pack, and help some of you that gig out on Saturday nights.

Here's the patches I included: 

A Sky Full Of Stars
Bad Romance
California Gurls
Dark Horse
Don’t Stop Believing
Fix You
Forget You
I Gotta Feeling
Love Song
Moves Like Jagger
Send Me On My Way
This Love
Wide Awake

Here's a short demo video I made of the patches:

There are a ton of cool new features I added to this pack, including:

• All-new presets featuring 20 popular hits. As usual, I got the patches as close to the originals as possible, which included customizing each instrument, layers and splits, and even building some sounds from the ground up.  

• Smart control mappings for every instrument. I spent dozens of hours painstakingly mapping the most important software parameters to the smart controls, so you don't have to stop the show to make tweaks.

• Two free Mainstage concerts. Featuring a custom-designed single and double page sheet music viewer, these mainstage templates will keep you from ever having to haul sheet music to a gig again.

• Unified smart control templates. After doing a ton of field testing, I realized that I liked having smart controls, but I had to re-map my midi controller to each smart control template. I've done away with this by using a single smart control template for all patches (with the exception of drawbar organs). 

• More CPU efficient channel strips. I went through and optimized every single patch, cutting out every extra bit of CPU load I could find. The result is a faster (up to 30%) Mainstage experience, even with a slower computer. 

• Better sound leveling and testing. I spent extra time making sure levels were even from patch to patch, and that their wasn't any patches that could clip.

• Quick-start optimization guide for Mainstage. A handy little guide to help you learn your way around setting up mainstage, and using patches. 

Sound good? You can get all 20 presets for just $14.99. Click below to order, or check out my online store