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Musicians: 5 Free Things To Get More Gigs

Musicians: 5 Free Things To Get More Gigs

I've never met a musician that didn't want to be working more on the projects that he loves. Here are 5 ways to raise awareness about your abilities and land more gigs: 

5. Start a blog

It's free, takes less than an hour a week, and gives fresh content you can share on your website. It also is a great chance to show off your expertise (yes, you do have one), and establish yourself as the go-to guy for what you do best. 

4. Start a YouTube page 

Record yourself about once a week playing something you practice. You're already working it up- why not use it as a chance to market yourself? 

3. Go out of your way to do favors for others 

Help musicians find gigs and connect with other musicians. Share something you do with other musicians (I share patches for Mainstage and other music making apps). Don't think about anything in return.  

2. Say no to bad gigs

This sounds crazy, but saying no to the majority of the crappy gigs you're offered will actually boost your clout among musicians. Of course, the only way this will work is if you're amazing enough to garner good gigs.  

1. Develop a servant's heart

People love to work with people who genuinely care and are interested in them, and want the very best for them. You don't have to be a door mat, but just being willing to care and anticipate someone else's needs will set you way ahead of the pack. 

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