5 Creative Ways To Market on Social Media

As a musician it’s super important to stay “on the map” with your business contacts. If you’re a session musician, odds are that if your name isn’t on the tip of someone’s tongue when discussing who to hire, you won’t get called. Fortunately for us, we live in a golden era of connectivity- it costs nothing to post to Facebook, and it’s free to tweet. 


With this amazing opportunity comes real risks. It’s easy to over post, come off as spammy, or just alienate your clients with sheer volume. Here are 5 ways to market without burning bridges: 


1. Make it funny. If you can make people laugh, people will remember what you say. Also, they’ll look forward to reading your tweets or posts, anticipate them, and even share them once in awhile.


2. Take a picture. People love seeing pictures of what you’re doing, and the more faces you include, the more likely you can tag someone that will then share it. 


3. Invite interaction. Ask what people would do in the situation you’re in, ask people what their favorite picture is, etc. 


4. Make sure it’s not just interesting to you. As musicians we often get wrapped up in equipment and other stuff that’s boring to outsiders. Keeping things general interest can really help draw in your casual fans. 


5. Go analytical. Check your likes and retweets, and try to imitate the photos, posts, and videos that get the most attention.