Telling Yourself Stories

In the last 3 years of writing this blog, I’ve managed to post at least one or two blogs each week. The last two weeks have broken that habit- I missed posting for an entire week. I have some great excuses, of course. I’ve played a dozen shows with a handful of artists, and Sarah and I bought our first home. Between practicing, traveling and moving, it’s been insane around here. 


That’s the story I’m telling myself. That I just didn’t have time, my schedule was just too packed. Funny though- I seem to have kept up pretty well on my Facebook browsing, and I even posted a few statuses. I’ve seen all the pictures in my Instagram account. 


We’re all really good at telling ourselves stories, and busyness is no different. I’m too busy to market myself. I’m too busy to eat right. I’m too busy to make time for the people I love. 


We need to start telling ourselves the right story. The story where we’re in charge of how we use our time, and then commit to making sure what’s really important gets top priority.