MainStage Mondays: New Ultimate Pianos Pack Released

I spent some serious time this last week and created what I think is the very best patch collection I've ever made. Today, I'm introducing Ultimate Pianos Pack to the world. 

In the last few months I decided to take a new approach to creating patches. I wanted patches that were incredibly stable, CPU-friendly, and sounded absolutely amazing. I created 4 sets of patches and threw them all away (about 40 hours of work down the drain). They were better, but not what I ultimately wanted.

The 5th time I finally felt like I hit what I was looking for. I released the first test patch last week, and it's been really popular with you all. I did a few more refinements, and out came Ultimate Pianos Pack. 

What makes these better? There's a lot. Here's a short list of 10 things I did over my previous patches that I think makes this pack incredible: 

1. Every patch is painstakingly volume checked. No more spikes in volume live. 

2. All faders when set to zero turn off the plugin in the channel strip. This saves massive amounts of CPU and RAM.

3. There are 4 carefully crafted instruments in each patch, letting you change direction at a moment's notice live or in the studio.

4. I spent hours creating reverbs. This seems tedious, but a great reverb makes the patches come alive. I created a bright and dark reverb, then mapped it to every single channel strip in the collection. 

5. Every channel strip has its own cutoff. This will help you get that modern "lofi" sound that's so popular. 

6. Every piano has its own tone shaper. With the twist of a single knob, pianos become more aggressive or more laid back.

7. There's tempo-synced delay for every instrument. It's easy to turn it on using just a single knob. 

8. There are 42 custom mappings for each patch. Odds are pretty good that you'll have a pre-mapped knob to grab live for almost any parameter you need. 

9. There's a B3 organ and pad on every patch with drawbar mappings, cutoff, and much more. This adds almost zero CPU/RAM usage since they're inactive until you bring them up with a fader. 

10. There's a "brickwall" limiter on every patch to keep levels under control. This keeps you from accidentally damaging your hearing, or making the sound guy angry. 

There's literally dozens of other features, and I go through a few more of them in this demo video: 



This pack is exclusively available through my online store, and it's on sale for the first few weeks. Thanks! 

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