Introducing Shrimp Wraps

Starting today I’ll be providing pan seared cajun shrimp wraps to my blog readers. Each week when you get my email, they’ll be a certificate for a free plate of this amazing dish, handmade by yours truly, shipped to your door. 


Fortunately that’s a lie. If you’ve read this blog at all, you were probably a bit puzzled for a few seconds. Why is he talking about food? He’s a musician.  


A personal Facebook page is perfect for posting this kind of stuff, and I love posting pictures of what I do outside of music there. But this blog and website is about music, and all I'm going to do by posting about conservationism, politics, food, biking, dogs, and my other interests is muddy the water with too many topics. We get overwhelmed when there's not one clear message. 


If you want to work as a pop electric guitar player, post stuff about your cool licks on your website, or the pop projects you’re working on. Don’t post a video of you playing classical guitar. If you want to be an edgy hip hop artist, don’t post pictures on your Facebook music page of you in khakis and a dress shirt working at an insurance company. 


We can’t keep telling people about our amazing shrimp wraps, and then expect to get hired to play music.