Daily Diary Of A Nashville Musician

I’ve been reading a lot about productivity lately, and I realized how much I enjoy finding out how different people structure their time. Which got me wondering if you all would like to see how I break down my day. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me: 


7 AM: wake up, crawl out of bed. Grab some sunflower seeds, a bottle of water, and head for the gym. 


7:30 AM: do weightlifting and about 10 minutes of cardio. Shower, head home. 


8:30 AM: let the Siberian huskies out of the basement, kiss my wife goodbye, then sit down to practice. 


9 AM-10:30 AM: Practice piano. I sight read, practice improvisation, play some Bach to keep my independent finger motion polished. 


10:30 AM-Noon: record in my home studio. I have a stack of songs I’ve been working on for the last few months. The high paying items move to the front of the schedule, and the low-paying work goes to the back. 


Noon-1:30 PM: go to lunch with my wife. 


2 PM-5 PM: Do house cleaning, run errands, do misc. projects. 


5:30 PM: fix dinner. 


6 PM: eat dinner with my wife.


7 PM: work on tasks like MainStage patches, recording projects, etc. 


9 PM: watch Star Trek or play cards with wife.


10:30 PM: go to bed. 


Of course, this drastically changes depending on the day. Last week, I had two all-day sessions that ran from 10 AM-6 PM, and when I'm on the road there's almost no routine at all. Still, I figured you'd like to see how things break down for me. 


What does your schedule look like? Post below: