The Problem With Music Career Blogs

If you're like me, you probably get a lot of unsolicited advice about your how to run your career. Musicians seem to get a lot of it, probably because our lifestyle is so weird. 


Most people only mean the best. They really want to help, to participate. That includes me and this blog.


There's just one problem: I'm not you.


I don't have to deal with what you deal with every day. I don't face your student debt. I haven't overcome the obstacles you have. 


What I try to offer is my perspective, and how I'm making my career work. I don't ever expect you to model yourself after me, and I hope you don't. You have to figure out your own story, and I'm happy to share what I'm going through in my story as we travel together.


Remember: only you can decide what path you take. Nobody's going to lead you but you.