7 Ways To Get Connected With Your Music Community

Most of the really successful musicians I know are gifted at making meaningful connections with other musicians. Not only is it fun to hang out with like-minded musicians, it’s vital to long term career stability (if there’s such a thing in the music industry). Here are 7 ways to get plugged into your local music scene: 


1. Get some musician friends, then go to a show together. Once you’re there, talk to the musicians in the band afterward, and even invite them out for a bite to eat after the show. 


2. Start/join a meet up group. One of the best ways I’ve found to connect with other musicians is through a group that meets regularly to talk about music. If there’s not one in your area, create one and really work at making it valuable to musicians. Whatever time you invest will be well worth the long term connections you’ll make. 


3. Offer a free resource that musicians are looking for. Musicians are always looking for low cost services and resources, and word can get around fast about you if you provide something that musicians need. 


4. Reach out to local musicians online for a coffee meetup. Most musicians are more than happy to hang out and talk shop, and getting to know other musicians this way can create long lasting relationships. I personally still have working relationships with guys I met for coffee in Nashville almost 3 years ago before I moved to town. 


5. Create moments where musicians are needed. Book shows where you need opening acts. Work on songs that need specific instruments. Any chance you can get to reach out to other musicians with opportunities will help keep you connected. 


6. Connect musicians with each other. If you meet a couple of musicians that are fun to hang around, try to connect them. The more people you connect, the more likely people are to think of connecting you. 


7. Make sure your own work is visible online. No matter what you play, it’s vital you have high quality examples of it online. When people search for you, they should be able to find amazing examples of your best work that make them want to share it with their friends.