Wunderlist And Managing Your Business (You) 

I’ve been on a Wunderlist kick over the last two months, and it’s been great to see how useful this free app can be. Here are 5 things I use it for: 


1. Scheduling follow-up calls. Anything I need to remember to follow up on I plug into Wunderlist with an alarm. This helps me keep from dropping the ball on important clients and tasks. 


2. Recurring payments. I have some people that pay me once a month for services, and having a checklist that auto-refreshes every month helps me see who’s paid and who hasn’t. 


3. Mapping my workload. I group all my to-dos in a general list, then schedule them out throughout the week. This helps me keep the tasks for one day manageable and not overwhelming. 


4. Brainstorming. I use a special brainstorming list to put all of the things I’d love to do someday, but don’t have the time at the moment. It’s a fun way of seeing some of the projects on the horizon, and letting you relax about forgetting them. 


5. Inventory. I have recurring to-do lists for certain supplies I have to periodically order, which helps me keep from running out of stuff. 


If you’re self employed, I’d highly recommend using a system like this or you’ll find yourself having stuff slip through the cracks constantly (I know I did). That is all- happy Friday!