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10 Reasons Musicians Need A Website

I’m thinking about redesigning my website and I’ve been pondering: why should a musician we have a website?  Here’s some of the things I think are perfectly good reasons to have a website: 


1. To share what you do with people (audio, video, whatever) 


2. To give people somewhere to go when they want to find your best work. 


3. To find your contact info quickly.


4. To see what you’re doing right now that’s cool. 


5. To hear about your philosophy of why you do what you do.


6. To see your style. 


7. To get resources from you. 


8. To share quickly with others as a link. 


9. To find your official professional social networks. 


10. To get a feel for your personality. 


As I do the redesign, I’m going to be using these points to shape the direction of the site. 


One favor: if you were redesigning my site, what would you add/take away/include? Leave it in a comment below! 

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