The Ultimate in Music Business Advice: Get Noticed Course

Want advice on how to develop your career as a musician? Don’t ask me. I’m still trying to figure out how to cram practicing, touring, and all the other stuff into an average week, while occasionally sleeping. 


My friend Steve Grossman is the man I go to when I need career advice. With a 30+ year career as a session and touring musician, he’s been wildly successful with a number of bands, and even got a Grammy Award along the way for his work. 


More importantly, he’s been able to balance personal and career like a boss. While doing music full time, Steve managed to have a healthy marriage, raise well adjusted children, and keep the family afloat financially (and that takes some doing).


Until now the best options for getting Steve’s wisdom was to become personally coached by him (expensive, but worth it), or to read his book (I’ve read it several times, and highly recommend it). There’s now a third option: Steve launched a new online training course filled with his secrets and strategies for building long term career success. Steve’s ideas are great, and his style gets me so fired up about going out and making a splash in the music industry.


Steve has a free full course up on the website to get you started, and I highly recommend checking it out. If you love this blog, you’ll love the course. Want to just dive in on the main course? Click here.