All in Diary

3 Year Nashville Anniversary 

So this month it’s been three years of calling Nashville home. Wow. It’s gone by fast, and there’s been a lot that’s happened. 


When I moved I was keeping a diary of each month here, and then things got a big crazy and I stopped having time to write up everything. So here’s what’s been going on: 

Handling Plot Twists

I found out a few months ago when I was packing for a short run of shows. Sarah came into the spare bedroom where I was having a minor conniption fit over not being able to find the right cable. One minute I’m worried about being late to bus call, the next I’m a dad. Weird. 

What Do You Think?

Because of the overwhelming number of peopler writing me with MainStage and keyboard programming questions, I’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a video series via on how to use to be a pop/rock keyboardist. 

Show With Meredith Andrews: A Keyboardist’s Diary

The email popped up in my inbox unexpectedly one morning. A man named Greg had written me about a gig. One of my friends had recommended me for it, and was I free? It was for a show in Leesburg, FL, the pay was good, and we’d be flying down the day of the event. And oh yeah, it’s for one of the most influential modern worship leaders in the world, Meredith Andrews of Vertical Church Band.