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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Songs

For those of us that play the same songs often (i.e. worship leaders), it can be difficult to keep it interesting for ourselves and for the audience. Here's how to change it up when it gets monotonous:

1. Change the order.

Rearranging your roadmap is simple, and it can keep people guessing what's coming next.

2. Add some synchronized hits.

Write out a simple lead sheet, and have the band add some unison runs or rhythmic changes together.

3. Change the style.

Put a gospel or roots rock feel over the top of your song, to get a whole new approach to it.

4. Add an alternative instrument.

Feature a more obscure instrument like a mandolin or accordion for a unique take on your song.

5. Add a new intro progression.

Completely re-write the intro to the song to mix it up.

6. Use chord substitutions.

Swap out the same old boring chords for some interesting chords like Cmaj.13.

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