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3 Questions That Can Change Your Career

Do you know what you want? Really? Here's a quick series of questions to ask yourself about a music career, before selling everything you own and consecrating your life to it:

• Can I live without doing this full-time?

• What is it a really want out of music? (i.e. I love composing. I want to write songs).

• How can I do that and still maintain the lifestyle I want to lead? (Be really honest here).

These are hard, practical questions that if answered honestly, can drastically change the entire outcome of your life, or at least your career choices. This applies to every career choice- are you merely infatuated with the idea of what you'd like to do for a living, or are you honestly in love?

Note: there is no shame in doing music as a hobby or a part-time job (just because you don't hang out with your friends 40 hours a week doesn't mean they're not important).

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