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Free Mainstage Stuff: All New Worship Templates

This week's offerings are a bit out of the ordinary- instead of individual worship patches, I've created an entirely new set of worship templates for you to use during worship, and hopefully a new way for you to think about creating sounds in a live setting.

So why did I spend the time to do a massive overhaul of the entire way I use Mainstage? For several reasons:

Mainstage is a wonderful program, but one of the issues I continually face when playing live is making adjustments to the sounds I'm using. While some parameters are pre-mapped to the controllers, common parameters like frequency, resonance, attack, decay, etc are never mapped to the same controller from patch to patch, which makes you have to waste valuable time hunting for which parameter is mapped to which controller.

With this redesign, I've configured every patch so that parameters are grouped in similar areas from patch to patch, and the most important universal parameters are always in the same place, every time.

I've also hardwired in 3 "stompbox" pedals that can easily be added to any patch using nothing but the controls on your midi controller. The plugins are the same from patch to patch, making it easy to understand how to use the effects to get the sound you need.

I included starter patches for you to use when building your own sounds. Try selecting one of the patches, opening the instrument plugin window, and scrolling through some presets within the plugin for some interesting sounds. Add the stompbox effects as needed to spice things up.

I'm hoping you'll find this to be a much simpler, more instinctual way to use Mainstage- I know I've already seen a massive change in the way I use sounds live, and hopefully it will inspire you to create your own signature sound.

As always, if you have any questions you can email me. If you'd like to download the new templates, click here. Thanks!

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