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Mainstage Worship Preset Pack, Vol. 4 Available

Mainstage Worship Preset Pack, Vol. 4 Available

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Exciting news this week- I’ve officially released my 3rd Mainstage 3 preset pack! These super high quality presets model exactly what’s on the original recordings released by the artists themselves.

This pack includes a bunch of my original hand-designed wurlitzer, piano, strings, and trumpet patches, and other sonic goodies. Don’t worry- you don’t have to buy anything extra aside from Mainstage to use these presets. I’ve just carefully tweaked the stock sounds and plugins included with Mainstage to give you amazing, hyper-realistic sounds. 

Here’s what’s included in the pack:

A Mighty Fortress- Traditional 
A New Hallelujah-Michael W. Smith 
All Of Creation- MercyMe 
All Creatures- Traditional 
Always- Kristian Stanfill 
As For Me And My House- Hosanna Music 
As It Is In Heaven-Matt Maher 
Beautiful One- Tim Hughes 
Christ Is Enough- Hillsong 
Days Of Elijah-Robin Mark 
Everyday- Hillsong 
Glory In the Highest- Brenton Brown 
God Is Able- Hillsong 
God You Reign- Lincoln Brewster 
How Deep The Father's Love For Us- Traditional 
I Will Never Be- Geoff Bullock 
I Will Worship- Joel Wilson 
Indescribable- Laura Story 
It Is Well With My Soul- Traditional 

Here’s a quick video of what the patches sound like: 


If you want to pick up a copy,  you can buy it here. Thanks! 

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