You Are The Last Line Of Defense

When you step onstage, when you’re working at home on a recording project, when you’re making calls, you are the last line of defense for the quality of what you’re creating. You’re the only person that has the final say on whether your project is good enough, exciting enough, bold enough to make a difference. 


As entrepreneurs, we often take this for granted. We embrace the role of dreamer, marketer, creator, inventor, and distributor as natural extensions of who we are. And we forget the final crucial step: we forget to check one last time that our product is everything we dreamed it could be. 


Next time you’ve finished a project, set it aside for a few days, then examine it like you’re thinking about buying it. Is it good enough? Does it excite you? Would you actually pay money for it? 


You are the only difference between launching a break-out work of art and just one more average product in a sea of white noise.