Head Knowledge Isn’t Enough


Coming up in July, I’ll be celebrating my third year of blogging. At around 150 posts a year, that’s a lot of blogs. While it's been fun to share my thoughts with you each week, last year I almost considered shutting down my blog. 


Why? Because I’ve become convinced that no matter how much we know, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how consistently and effectively we can implement what we know. 


I’d love to write a blog that somehow motivates musicians to be consistent, to do what they can each day, to seize each opportunity. If I could figure out the secret to getting people (and myself) to live consistently, to focus on the important things instead of distracting ourselves with mindless busy work, I’d post it here. 


Sadly, I’m not convinced that we can ever reach those goals with a blog. All I can do is offer a bit of perspective and knowledge each week, and I believe it’s enough to be worth the time it takes to write. 


Where am I going with this blog? I guess I’m trying to emphasize that what I write here each week isn’t nearly as important as what you do with it. Head knowledge only goes as far as it serves to inform our actions, and motivate us to live an inspired, purposeful life. 


So take this blog with the understanding that if you won't or can't implement what I'm saying, you're better off closing your browser and doing something more productive. You owe it to yourself. But even if there's only a few people who change the tiniest habit from something I said, I think it's worth it. 


And that’s why I’m still blogging.