5 Ways to Find Your Sonic Pocket Onstage and In The Studio

We’ve all had to play with them- those annoying musicians that constantly clutter up the frequencies that your instrument occupies with their musical doodles. Here are 5 ways to not be that guy on stage and in the studio:


1. Listen. Find out where the other members of the group are playing, and then stay out of their way. You usually can’t do anything about where your band members choose to play in the frequency spectrum, but you can change what you play. 


2. Simplify your playing. If you’re playing in a frequency that other band members are playing in, consider taking out your part to make more room. 


3. Hit the highs and the lows. Staying out of the middle (usually the most sonically crowded space in the mix) will allow you to stand out more in the mix.


4. Be consistent. If you played in a riff in a certain part of the frequency in practice, don’t move it an octave higher when the record button comes on or you step on stage.


5. Communicate. If you’re struggling to find space in the frequency spectrum because of other members, talk it out with them in a non-confrontational way. Most musicians will appreciate you being so considerate.