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3 Reasons Apple News Doesn't Work

3 Reasons Apple News Doesn't Work

In case you all missed it, Apple released their new News app this last month. While I’m glad that Apple is pre-baking a content delivery app into their iOS, there’s still a ton of room for improvement. Here’s why I don't think Apple News works for most people: 


1. They only offer content from major companies.


If you’re not one of the bigger websites, odds are you won’t even show up when people search for you. I tried to search for Eric Barfield musician, and nothing came up despite my website having the top place in Google’s search engine. 


2. They’re opt-out, not opt-in. 


Instead of offering creators the option of signing up for their content to be delivered, Apple decided to email a bunch of people and ask them to opt out. Really, Apple? How about giving us the option of opting in, instead? I’d gladly share my blog with you all if you ask nicely. 


3. There’s no way to import content from a specific website.


Again, there’s no way to paste a RSS, Atom, URL, or any other subscription address into anywhere in Apple News. That means you’re stuck searching for content based on general search terms. 


Until Apple ups its game, I recommend using Feedly (free) for your RSS feeds and subscriptions. They offer a simple, easy interface with minimal advertisements, and I’ve been using them for years. 

Apple: give us small bloggers a chance, and open up your platform to the whole web.

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