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New Black Friday Tradition: 20 Things I'm Thankful For

As a new Black Friday tradition, I’m posting a blog about the 20 things I am most thankful for in my life. 


There’s a twist: the first 10 items are things that are REALLY important that I’m thankful for. The next 10 are things I use as a musician, that I’m thankful to have. We spend so much time thinking about what we’re going to buy next, and I feel like Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to celebrate what we’ve been so richly blessed to own already. 


 Here’s my list: 


1. A God that loves me personally. 

2. My beautiful wife. 

3. My supportive and loving family.

4. My career. 

5. Getting to work with so many amazing musicians.

6. Getting to travel.

7. Making enough money to afford food. 

8. My house. 

9. Wise friends to help guide me. 

10. My awesome Siberian Huskies. 


And now, the less important stuff:


1. Nord Stage 2.

2. Logic Pro. 

3. Mainstage. 

4. Novation SL midi controller.

5. Roland Aira Synth.

6. Audiobro Strings Library.

7. Reverse VST instrument.

8. MacBook Pro. 

9. Westone In-Ear Monitors.

10. Apogee Quartet audio interface. 


You know what’s great about this list? It helps me realize that while the below ten items are fun and important in their way, they pale in importance against the top 10 list. This black Friday as we’re getting bombarded with deals, let’s remember the why we’re really blessed. 


I encourage all of my readers to make a list like the above, and post it in the comments below. Can’t wait to read it, guys!  

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