Mainstage Mondays: 20 Essential Key Commands

This week we’re going to explore some of the awesome shortcuts that key commands offer in Mainstage 3.1. Here’s a list of some of my favorites:


• Command- 1: Go to layout mode.


• Command- 2: Go to edit mode.


• Command- 3: Go to perform mode.


• Command- 4: Go to full-screen mode.


• Space Bar: start/stop all playback tracks.


• Command-F: find a specific patch.


• Command-G: find the next patch.


• Command-i: Import set/patch.


• Control-T: tap tempo. 


• Command-K: open onscreen musical keyboard. 


• Command-Shift- N: New patch.


• Command-N: new concert. 


• Command- L: assign and map parameter.


• V: show/hide all plugins


• Command-D: duplicate patch/set


• Down arrow: select next patch


• Up arrow: select previous patch


• Control-R: Record


• Command- E: export set/patch


And most importantly . . . 


Command-S: Save concert


For a full list of all key commands, check out the new key commands browser under key commands>customize. 


What are some of your favorite key commands? Leave them in a comment below.