10 Things I'm Thankful For In My Career This Year

On this day of frenzied shopping, I'd like to pause to go over 10 things I'm really thankful for in my career right now (in no particular order): 

10. Great friends that play music.

9. Living in Nashville. 

8. Ben Jackson for helping me learn so much about music/studio building in the last year. 

7. Mikei Gray for caring a bunch about me, and gigging with me. 

6. Chelsea White and Philana Goodrich for helping create the music meetup group Balanced Breakfast that encourages me to create every week.

5. Sarah Barfield for being absolutely incredibly supportive of my career, and figuring out crazy financial stuff to make things happen. None of this would happen without you emotionally supporting me through the ups and downs of this industry. 

4. The community at Church of the City in East Nashville for creating a beautiful space to worship, recharge, and ponder my creativity. 

3. Michael Barfield for being the challenger, encourager, and instigator of so many things creatively for me. I have no one that understands my artistic side more intimately than you do. 

2. Building a studio where I can focus 100% on creating beautiful art.

1. All of the amazing, wonderful, incredible mercies that happen on a regular basis, that I don't deserve but deeply appreciate. I am unbelievably blessed.

What are you thankful for this year? Leave a comment below.