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7 Organizing Tricks For Gigging Musicians

7 Organizing Tricks For Gigging Musicians

If you're like me, sometimes the details of prepping your gear for a gig can get the best of you. Here are 7 ways to organize and pre- prep your way to a successful show: 

1. Get a pegboard wall for your cables. 


Pegboards are about 10 dollars at your local hardware store, and they’re easy to drill into a wall. Getting all your cables off the ground and into an organized design will help you spend more time figuring out which cable to bring, and less time hunting for the right cable. 


2. Organize all your lyrics using Apple’s Notes app.


Apple’s new Notes app adds the ability to have notes in folders, put photos and more in notes, and a lot more. Use it to quickly keep all of your lyrics and chord charts organized and easily accessible on your phone, tablet, and computer.


3. Use a tackle or makeup box for odd bits of music gear. 


Put things like tape, guitar picks, tuning forks, and much more in this. You can pick up one of these for a couple of dollars at Goodwill, and it’ll save you hours of hunting.


4. Use a checklist when packing for your gig. 


Write down all of the things you need onstage using a program like Wunderlist, then check them off as you go to make sure you grab everything. If you’d like to save your list, use Apple’s Notes app. 


5. Pack high-protein snacks in your gig bag. 


Packing things you’ll need at the gig in the right space can make all the difference. Many times sound checks cut into eating time, and having something close onstage to snack on can help you get through the gig stress-free. 


6. Create an “order of setup” if it’s a complicated load in. 


Write down what time each event should happen (i.e. load in, set up mains, set up monitors, etc), then delegate each item. By doing this, you’ll be able to visualize how you can make your set up more efficient and save some time. 


7. Do a quick post-show review. 


Take notes about what worked and what didn’t immediately after the gig. Did you forget a cable, or did you not have enough time for load in? A post-gig review (with note taking) can make a big impact on your organization for next time. 

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