MainStage Mondays: Setting Up a Reverse Controller

Setting a reverse controller can be really helpful in MainStage, especially if you’re using faders to control B3 organs. Here’s how to do it: 


1. Open MainStage. Select a template.

Screenshot 2017-01-02 11.24.50.png


2. Click on a controller. I’m going to select the Treble function for this demo. 

Screenshot 2017-01-02 11.31.13.png


3. In the Screen Control Inspector window at the bottom of the project, select “Treble”.  

Screenshot 2017-01-02 11.31.51.png


4. Select “Invert Parameter”.

Screenshot 2017-01-02 11.32.41.png


5. Your control will now function in the opposite direction from now on.