Mainstage Mondays: Free Concert Template

I spent some time this week creating a new concert template that will serve me as my needs change in Nashville, and I am giving it away for free today! Just click here to download the Mainstage Concert for free.


Here’s the advantages of this new concert: 


• A simple type/sheet music area on half of the screen, letting you add either a type-based chord chart or a PDF document to your screen. If you’d like to know how to use it, email me and I’ll send you a free step-by-step guide.


• Several mappable buttons, including next patch, previous patch, start playback track, fade playback track, tap tempo, and a panic button to disable all audio in case of emergency.


• A space for text notes about each song


• A huge 40-patch display for patch and song selection


• The ability to easily use two keyboards in one Mainstage concert at the same time


• A large CPU meter to keep track of your processor’s speed during performances


• An in-concert clock for keeping track of time